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ISOCC 2017, Best Paper상 총 4명 수상
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2017년도 ISOCC 에서 본 연구실의 학생들이
총 4개의 Best Paper 상을 수상하였음을 알려드립니다.

1. Next chip co. Best Paper 수상
-Title: A Sub-threshold Ultra-Low Power Consumption Low-Dropout Regulator

-Lead author : Truong Van Cong Thuong
-co-author : Young - Jun Park,Truong Thi Kim Nga
-corresponding author : Kang-Yoon Lee

2. Best Paper (Poster) 수상
-Title: Design of 36 dB IRR Baseband Analog for Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Application in 55 nm CMOS

-Lead author : Chan Ho Kim
-co-author : Dong Gyu Kim, Dong-Soo Lee
-corresponding author : Kang-Yoon Lee

3. Best Paper (Poster) 수상
-Title: Design of a Capacitor-Less LDO with High PSRR for RF Energy Harvesting Applications

-Lead author : Danial Khan
-co-author : Hamed Abbasizadeh, Zaffar Hayat Nawaz Khan,Young-Jun Park
-corresponding author : Kang-Yoon Lee

4. Best Paper (Poster) 수상
-Title: A Low Leakage Retention LDO and Leakage-based BGR with 120nA Quiescent Current

-Lead author : Behnam Samadpoor Rikan
-co-author : Hamed Abbasizadeh, Truong Thi Kim Nga, Sung Jin Kim
-corresponding author : Kang-Yoon Lee


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